Like to come
live with us?

Sayhaey has just the place for you

At Sayhaey we know how difficult it is to find an affordable rental apartment for just yourself. Especially as a starter and/or professional tenant. That’s why we came up with Sayhaey. A housing concept for everyone who is in need of their own place.

What does Sayhaey offer? We offer you a safe, affordable, high-quality studio apartment. Whether you’re just striking out on your own or you’re a young professional looking for temporary or permanent housing.

Do you want to create a bright future for yourself? Are you ready to take the first step towards independence? Or are you looking for a temporary apartment to use as a steppingstone to the next phase of your life? Sign up with us now and maybe you’ll have your own Sayhaey single-occupancy studio apartment soon!

The benefits of
living at Sayhaey

  • Rental rates start at € 447,- per month*
  • Live in your own safe, high-quality studio apartment
  • Live within walking distance of public transport and necessary amenities