Frequently Asked

You can register if you:

  • are 18 years or older;
  • have a paid job or are a student;
  • are skilled socially;
  • keep your living environment tidy; and
  • have ambition to move forward.

We need the following information from you:

If you’re working (minimum income € 1.800,00):

If you’re a student:

If you filled in all the registration form fields correctly, we received your registration. Thank you! If you’d like to double check, please contact us.

As soon as we receive your registration, we’ll put you on the waiting list. When an apartment becomes available and your name is first on the waiting list, we will invite you for a viewing.

Amsterdam De Klieverink

Basic rental price*:

  • Regular house (21m²)
    • Under 23 years € 438,00
    • Above 23 years € 527,13
  • Larger house (30m²) € 566,21

You can rent a studio apartment at Sayhaey starting at € 527,13 per month. Service costs* amount to € 175,00 and include the use of heat, electricity, water, curtains, internet, and the cleaning of common areas. Your rental benefit could amount to as much as € 273,00 per month*. As a result, your net monthly costs (rent and service costs*) could be reduced to € 429,13*.

Please note: not all service costs are viewed as applicable by the tax authorities.

* The mentioned price is in accordance with the price level of July 2024 above 23 years.

Check for more info or check the example calculation:

Amsterdam Spinoza 

more information will follow

Rotterdam Hoogvliet
more information will follow

Yes, you can. Wondering if you qualify for this? Go here and find out.

To apply for a rental benefit, provide the following information to the tax authorities:

Rent excl. service costs*:

Regular house (~21m²)

Under 23 years € 438,00

Above 23 years € 527,13

Larger house   (~50m²)

€ 566,21


Costs for cleaning common areas

€ 8,00

Costs for energy in common areas

€ 0,30

Costs for the caretaker

€ 7,60

Costs for service and recreation areas

€ 0,10

* The service costs that are applicable to the tax authorities amount to € 16,00. The service costs for your own heat, electricity, water, etc. are not applicable to the application of your rental benefit. The mentioned price is in accordance with the price level of January 2023.

Check for more information.

Sayhaey’s studio apartments are specially designed and furnished for single-occupancy households. To ensure that everyone can live comfortably at Sayhaey, no couples or multiple-person households may occupy a studio apartment.

Exceptions apply at Sayhaey Rotterdam Hoogvliet and Sayhaey Spinoza. These two locations offer a few full apartments which are available for single-parent families or for couples.

We’re working on it! Sayhaey expects to build even more apartment complexes in the future. Keep an eye on our website for the latest developments.

All Sayhaey locations have underground trash containers. Please use these containers to dispose of your trash. This way, we keep our living environment clean and tidy for everyone.

Contact us via our contact form or email your question or comment to Your message will go immediately to the right place and we can provide you with an answer or solution as quickly as possible.

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