What do our tenants say about living at Sayhaey?

You don’t live alone at Sayhaey. Sayhaey offers living spaces to people who need their own place. Everyone is welcome, as long as you have the ambition to work towards a bright future. See who already lives at Sayhaey and get their take on living there. Who knows, a Sayhaey apartment might be just what you’ve been looking for!

Amber, 28 and Jaylen, 5 months

Mom, dedicated Ergo Therapy Student and Healthcare Professional

"Here, we can make a fresh start together."

Meet Amber (28) and Jaylen (5 months), two of the new residents of Sayhaey Rotterdam Hoogvliet. Due to her pregnancy, Amber could no longer stay in her student accommodation; now, she can make a fresh start together with Jaylen.

"I'm studying Ergo therapy, and I also work in healthcare. Because of my pregnancy, I couldn't stay in my student accommodation any longer. I had been searching for a starter home for a while, and through the municipality Rotterdam, I got in touch with Sayhaey. I immediately registered, and after two months, I heard that I got in. I am so happy to have place of our own. Compared to a student residence, this is a real home. It gives me freedom. Additionally, I now live close to my sister and my family. Here, I can finally find peace. It feels like a new beginning for both me and Jaylen."

Jasmine, 19

Service engineer

"Here, I can build my own life."

Meet Jasmine (19), one of the new residents of Sayhaey Rotterdam Hoogvliet. She works as a service engineer in the port of Rotterdam and had wanted to move out for over a year. Now, she can finally live on her own.

"I was still living with my parents and wanted to move out and start my own life, since last year, but it's difficult to find housing. I came across Sayhaey on Facebook and thought, that's something for me. When I saw that they were also building here in Rotterdam, I immediately signed up. It was very easy, even though I was changing jobs at the time. The contact was pleasant; the people at Sayhaey are eager to help you with any questions you have. I've already gotten to know some neighbors, and it already feels like a cozy neighborhood. But the most important thing is that I have peace here and can start building my own life. I think it's going to be great here."

Roy, 24

Works in logistics

"Here, you can learn to live on your own, together."

Meet Roy (24), one of the new residents of Sayhaey Rotterdam Hoogvliet. He had to leave his home three months ago and is now fortunate to have a place of his own again.

"I had to leave my home three months ago. Fortunately, I was allowed to stay until January. So, this new home came exactly at the right moment. I heard about this concept through my stepmother, and I am extremely happy that it worked out for me to have my own place here. I look forward to a new environment and new people around me. On the first day, I already met some neighbors, and we planned a BBQ together. For me, the most important thing about having your own place is that you learn to live on your own. At Sayhaey, you can learn this together. The only downside to this home is that you have to move out after five years because they are really intended as a stepping stone. But I actually understand."

Akua, 25

Part-time barista, aspiring Creative Business pro

“Having my own place means having the freedom to be myself.”

I have been living with Sayhaey for a year and a half now. Within two months of my registration, studios were already available and I was able to come by for a viewing. The apartment is nice. You have all the space for yourself and you can set it up the way you want. Having my own place means having the freedom to be myself. A place where I can come home, let everything go. I have made many friends here the past year. It's very cozy. It feels like a community.

Justin, 27

Lasher with a passion for fishing

"Here, I feel at home and can be who I want to be."

This is Justin (27), one of the new residents of Sayhaey Rotterdam Hoogvliet. After living with his best friend and his family for two years, he finally has his own place again.

"I work in the port of Rotterdam, and in my free time, I enjoy carp fishing. Now, I can literally do that in my backyard. I'm originally from Enschede and lived in Brabant. It was not feasible to commute from there to my work. For almost two year, I lived with a buddy of mine, along with his wife and three kids. It will take some time getting used to the peace and quiet in my own space. It's so nice to be able to say again, 'This is my own little place.' I can come and go, be who I want to be, and do what I want to do. It is easy to get in touch with your neighbors because it's new for everyone, and many of us are in the same stage of life. Additionally, there are many different cultures, and that really appeals to me. ”

Brent, 21

Future pedagogue

“What all residents have in common is that they want to build a bright future for

When I went to live in Amsterdam, Sayhaey was my first choice. I knew it through friends who already lived there. I signed up within five minutes. After three months I got my own place there. Living here gives me freedom and peace. The house is not large but fairly cheap. I have 21m² for myself, I don't really need more. The Bijlmer has a negative stigma, but I think it's a really nice neighborhood. I kind of fell in love with it. I have a lot of contact with my neighbors. We have a group that we meet weekly. One of my neighbors is even my best friend. Many different people live at Sayhaey, but what all residents have in common is that they want to build a bright future for themselves.